What type of monsters do you like to play?

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Jeffery Swim (Decipher Product Champion) I really like to play water monsters, I have seen .hack//ENEMY launched . They come with a lot of excellent rewards and many have easy to meet "To Play" requirements. They go hand in hand with the Wavemasters in my current deck. Many water monsters like to spot hidden cards, and Wavemasters like BT allow extra drawing when hidden cards are played. Tsukasa and Mistral self wound to perform their abilities, but water monsters like Sky Fish and Arrow Fish help keep them healthy!

Scott Goodrich (DGMA Level 4 Judge) I like to use Crustaceans - primarily Squilla Demon, Scorpion Tank and Mantis - in combination with Water Witch. I really enjoy the hidden card manipulation that Crustaceans allow for, and when you combine rigged hidden cards with the rigged destiny of the water witch there's few PC's I can't beat (although beefy Heavy Blades w/vak drive aren't so fun). Bring in Mantis as a closer, and that's pretty much the game. I've used them well in both a Blademaster deck and, more recently, a Wavemaster deck in combination with Other Servers adding even more hidden card manipulation. Good times! These aren't necessarily the strongest decks in the current meta, but I still enjoy how they play. Now if only all copies of Newt Necklace would somehow spontaneously combust...

Geoff "Yuji" Snider (Game Developer) Undead are currently my favorite to play with because of the guys that allow you to stack cards on top of your deck (Living Dead and Nomadic Bones). They have a great offense because of their ability to utterly crush a built-up PC strategy...and then keep it floundering with Headhunter and Shining Eyes. Right now, my deck consists of a 'toolbox' of PCs (Natsume, Mistral, Elk and Marlo) that can either fight or build-up my monster strategy. Once it gets rolling, it's difficult to keep it down because of all the deck-stacking monsters and the Mistral/Marlo combo.

Milo Sharp (Decipher Product Champion) My most recent deck runs Goblins, especially to take advantage of the April rule. Goblins have more no requirement storable monsters than any other type. Even the higher level ones have simple requirements (sac one or more goblins) and they have very useful rewards -- more card draws or playing storable ones from the discard pile. Combine that with the fact that there are two multiple point goblins and you have yourself a fearsome fighting force.

Dan "Balmung" Bojanowski (Manager of the DGMA) I like insects. Their versatility puts them into almost every deck I build. Deadly Moth, Bee Army, Baby Worm.... all quality. All are huge draft picks, too.

Hayden Courtland (DGMA Content Editor) For me, it's all about the vegetation, and by vegetation I mean grass. Yes, "grass" isn't a species type - they're plants, but let's put that aside. How cool is it to be able to attack with your army of grass...very cool methinks. The grass cards from Contagion are very powerful in the early game or in draft as their rewards cause your opponent to sacrifice cards in play. Snappy Grass is my favorite as he's 4 strength and 2 destiny...and he's got a blue head. :)

JP. Cupertino (Retailer and .hack//ENEMY Player) Personally I love Dark for the fact that it has more strategy than most elements. It lets me deck myself quicker and get past a clump of cards I dont need, and also is versitle beyond one deck type. Dark monsters allow multiple ideas to shine: decks based on Wounding PCs, no destiny swarms, decking yourself, and most are strong enough to fight early on on their own. The other great thing about dark monsters is they can perform some rewards multiple times the ability to cleanse your hand at most times is amazing.

Trevor "Kite" McGregor (.hack//ENEMY Rules Guru, DGMA Event Coordinator) After getting beat a lot around the office by them, I am now a huge fan of Gomora. I have a Twin Blade deck with Gomora as a monster side, it is a lot of fun to play and is very good. The power of the Gomora is their ability to help you cycle your deck fast, which I really like in .hack//ENEMY. The best Gomora is the Repth Gomora and his ability for a one turn win after you build up your army of Gomora.

Michael Meunier (DGMA Writer) Well, I've tried every type of monster at least once. My personal favorite of late though has been the Amazons. With the support of other wood monsters, these little ladies can be downright devastating. In the IL TOC, I got a 19 strength on one PC using Valkyrie and Fresh Valkyrie and I've heard tales of bigger fights!

Mike "Alpha Ichiguro" Girard (Game Developer) Well, I'm going out on my level up tour soon, so I am in the booster draft mode rather than the constructed mode. I would have to say that in booster draft, I like the insects the best. The Baby Wurm is second to none as my first pick out of a pack. The Bee Army is in my top 4 and who couldn't use a destiny 5 Deadly Moth in their deck?

Last Updated: Wednesday, April 14, 2004