What's your favorite card that makes use of Level Up cards?

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Geoff "Yuji" Snider (Game Developer) I'm just level 1 because I don't get too many chances to play .hack//ENEMY outside the office. My favorite card that costs Level Up! cards to play is yet unreleased. You'll be seeing it when we start promotions for Epidemic. It's my favorite because it does something totally unique and different...just enough to keep players on their toes.

Hayden Courtland (Product Champion Webmaster Assistant) Coma is hands down the most powerful tournament card to date. At a minimum, you'll be taking away one of your opponents turns, but usually they'll lose several turns. Either, way this can be an assist - use it for repeated attacks to break down your opponent's PC force, or use it defensively to catch up after a slow start. The one downside to Coma - you need to be a level 3, which means lowly level 2s like myself must find more creative ways to win. ;)

Andrew Dahl (DGMA Writer) Well, I'm only level two, as my area isn't super active like some. So for the most part I don't use many Level Up! cards in most of my decks. When I do use them, I tend to like Investigator and Gate Hacking. Gate Hacking was especially useful during January when the rule allowed me to discard my hand to grab a card from my discard pile. Investigator is good because it doesn't require a ton of Level Up! cards and can be very potent if played at the right time to eliminate key cards. The one card I think I'm going to try in the future is Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground. It looks to be a fun card to play.

Chuck "Wiseman" Kallenbach (Senior Game Designer) I am level 4 right now, due to the fact that during my February Level Up! tour, I played 97 games of .hack//ENEMY in one week. I won most of them, too! I think I might be getting some more points from that tour, but I'm not sure. Probably depends upon whether I wash Bojo's car next week. My favorite tournament card is No Response, because it has the highest destiny. I've become a big fan of destiny lately. I hear it's pretty good stuff. By the way, here's a little tip: No Response will be easier to play soon... in about 4 sets or so. Watch out next year!

Mike "Alpha Ichiguro" Girard (Game Developer) I am currently Level 4, but that is before I go out on my Level Up tour at the end of April. I should double that Level by the end of that tour. Those in Montana, I hope you are brushing up on your drafting skills. I think that my favorite Tournament Card that allows me to spend Level Up cards is Coma. It is just a combo oriented strategy-type card that a lot of pre-requisites but also a huge pay out. I like to refer to it as the "Go Big or Go Home" Tournament Card.

Kyle "Ginkan" Heuer (Decipher Marketing Coordinator) Right now I'm a level 4 player (but that should change soon). I really like Net Slum, not because it's the best card out there to utilize the Level Up cards, but because it's a card that when it happens everyone stops to see what's going to happen. I really like cards that confuse and stun your opponent, and this is one of them. I think the best use of this card is to play Long Arms and get the level 3 Strormer Spear into play. By playing that you can remove all their monsters from their discard pile so they can't win the side game. Good stuff!

Franklin Kenter (.hack//ENEMY Player) Currently, I am Level 8. Corrupted Field, of course. The best way to beat Hidden, Forbidden, Holy Ground and/or Coma is Corrupted Field. Corrupted Field enables you to turn the opponent's on Coma against him or her. In addition, with corrupted Field, you can do some serious damage to Gomura decks. Not to mention that it allows you to lower the opposing PCs' strengths by replace their items. Corrupted Field is key in most decks, especially mine. However, when Net Slum comes around, that might be my new favorite.

Michael Meunier (DGMA Writer) I am presently Level 9. My personal favorite card that utilises Level Up! cards has to be Corrupted Field (1T2). I haven't seen any other card that has more potential to mess up the plans of an opponent. I've lost count of the number of games I've had irrepribly damaged by a well timed Corrupted Field.

Playtesters Anonymous I'm currently level 12, and working on number 13. My favorite tournament promo card is Other Servers. It's great for exchanging useless cards you had to hide (or dumped so that BT could get you an extra card) early in the game for action cards you need in hidden slots. It's also great for late game if you're ahead on points and want to end the game fast. With BT in play, it can remove 10 cards from your deck.

Scott Goodrich (.hack//ENEMY player) Currently I am a level 13 player, and my favorite tournament card is Other Servers. It's cheap and easy to play, and it's very versitile. On it's own it can be used to seed your own hidden cards with what you want or to remove the low destiny from your deck. Paired with BT it becomes a deck-cycling machine. It can also be used to make your opponent destroy any hidden nastiness you think they may have waiting for you. The other tournament cards have some risk or luck involved as to how effective they are, but Other Servers can always benefit you somehow.

Paul Young (.hack//ENEMY Player) I am Paul Young, the player who reached level 20 on March 15, 2004. In a few hours, I'll be playing in a tournament where the best players will be competing, so I want to take full advantage of my Level-Up! cards. I'm including 4 Coma. I'm going to be in a rush to spot 3 PC's, each bearing an item, so I'll be using 16 Pc's, 17 items and 3 Girl In White cards. 4 Gomora I use let me discard items to play them, and 3 Gomora let me discard excess PC's. Since I could get stuck hiding cards a while, I'm using Twin Blades only, so Enou can both pump them up and get my un-playable Menhirs and Coma back in my hand. I use 4 Skeith, so all I need to do is to score 4 and hope they don't play Game Over!

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