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What is .hack//ENEMY?

.hack//ENEMY, also known as Dothack Enemy, was an English trading card game published in USA by Decipher, a trading card game publisher out of Norfolk Virginia. The distribution of the card game ran between 2003 to 2004 to coincide with the release of the .hack// main series titles such as .hack//SIGN, .hack//Infection, and .hack//LIMINALITY.

Was there a global release?

This TCG never received any localization outside of the USA and was not based on a Japanese trading card. Japan did have something entirely different released in February 2004 by the publisher Carddass Masters. These were known as .hack//SIGN Trading Card and The World Trading Card Game. They came bundled together in a booster pack style for 400 JPY each.

What were the release dates of the sets/packs?

There were 5 sets released in total, they are as follows:

   October 15, 2003 Contagion
   February 18, 2004 Distortion
   May 26, 2004 Epidemic
   August 18th 2004 Isolation
   October 2004 Breakout

With an additional set for the .hack//GIFT series.

   July 21, 2004 GIFT

How much did each starter and booster pack cost initially?

Each starter set was sold at retail about $9.99 USD each, whereas each booster pack was around $3.50 USD each.

Which starter/booster packs are the easiest to find?

The first set is the easiest to come across, Contagion. This is easily identified with Blackrose and Kite on the cover.

Which starter/booster packs are the hardest to find?

Epidemic would be the most difficult to find of the packs. This pack is identified with Elk and Mia on the cover.

How many cards are there within each set?

Contagion and Distortion have the most with 130 cards each. Epidemic, Isolation, and Breakout each only have 100 cards. In addition there are 15 levelup! tournament cards, .hack//GIFT had 6 cards, and there are 18 promotional cards.

What is the most rarest card ever released?

Astro Prince, followed by any tournament event card.

Where can I buy the starter decks and booster packs?

Sadly all these sets are out of print, what you see in the wild is what you get. However, you can easily come across them on eBay by typing in "hack enemy" into the search bar.

Can I play this game online?

Officially no, this game was never intended or built to be played online. However, thanks to Tabletop Simulator on Steam you can play this game online unofficially. After purchase, you will need to head over to the Workshop page for TTS on Steam to get the .hack//ENEMY themed deck and table. There are two creators, samael21walter and TheGreatDocBrown that host these themes for you to use. Tabletop Simulator costs normally $19.99 USD but has gone on sale numerous occasions at 50% off for $9.99 USD.

So how do I play this game?

You first will want to familiarize yourself with the rules, here is a sample demo in PDF format of the basic rules. As each set was released, new rules were introduced including new game mechanics such as Grunties. After you've browsed the rules, move on over to the Sample Decks A and Sample Deck B that you can print, cut, and test play with a friend.

Where can I go to learn more or find someone to play with online?

We have a Discord chatroom at Check the pins, introduce yourself to the other card collectors and players, and discover more about this trading card game.

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