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Introduction - 11/21/03

Who in "The World" is Mark Ponting??

DGMA .hack//ENEMY Article by Mark Ponting

If you have ever caught yourself asking that question in the past, you probably need some professional help!

I will share a few details however :)

I am the DGMA Content Coordinator for .hack//ENEMY. What does that mean? Well, it means that I was selected by Decipher to pull together a team of writers and coordinate their efforts to bring you only the best quality content for the great new anime game from Decipher. Here is the list of quality writers that will be bringing you articles on many things from deck construction to a female perspective on gaming!

Andy Dahl
Carl Etheredge
Garrhet Noda
Hayes Hunter
Katie Billings
Michael Meniuer

Plus other special guest writers!

I will share just a few more details about me specifically... I have been playing Decipher games from the premiere release of the Star Wars CCG. I applied to join the volunteer corps for Decipher when the game Young Jedi was released and have been a volunteer since. I am currently a Rider of Rohan (Lord of the Rings volunteer) and a Crimson Knight (.hack//ENEMY volunteer), providing demonstrations of the games and running tournaments.

I have also enjoyed myself going to conventions throughout my gaming career and hope to continue doing so in upcoming years. So, if you recall who Mark Ponting is, I will gladly take a few minutes to chat with you and perhaps play a quick pick-up game! :)

I will finish this quick introduction by saying that I am always willing to accept samples from new writers looking to provide content to DGMA .hack//ENEMY. I am also more than willing to receive your comments, good or bad, about the content we provide.

Mark Ponting
DGMA Content Coordinator
Rider of Rohan/Crimson Knight


Last Updated: Thursday, November 20, 2003