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Ever since the early days of .hack//ENEMY, cheese decks have always run rampant. You know the deck I’m talking about. Whether it is a deck with 52 high destiny/Strength monster with no To Play requirements and awesome rewards with 4 Natsume and 4 Mimiru to a deck that was so cheesy and old it spoiled and DGMA had to ban some cards, mainly blue ones. Now before you complain about the current cheese and wonder why certain cards are not banned look to the cards for the answers that you seek. Many times I have built a deck which was deemed to be unstoppable… only to have it go 1-3 in my next local tournament. How did a deck I designed go from the cream of the crop to spoiled cheese in just one week? Well without getting into specifics about my local player base, there are key cards that are designed as a overall trump card to any deck. Being able to spot those cards and having the wisdom to splash those cards will be the difference of night in day for your local tournament scene. Lets take a look at a few examples.

Faded Reminders

This card is the bane of my existence along with my best friend in the world of .hack//ENEMY. Every tournament I go to I can expect one of my local players to be playing at least 2 if not 4. “Faded Reminders?” YES! In our local meta, I have scene this one card destroy a number of decks. No for those of you who have forgotten the power of this wonderful card… or have never ever seen it played let me remind you of its game text. Its an Action: To flip: A card must have just been placed on top of a draw deck. Remove the top 5 cards from every draw deck from the game. WOW! Well it really isn’t that wow… by why is it so good? This card is what I classify as your classic utility card. It does not get you closer to scoring points or strengthening your defense but it provides a great utility function. Can’t think of a situation to use this card? Lets think back to our current “cheese” and think of ways to use this card…

Marlo 2.0 /Newbie/Mistral

Just seeing these 3 PCs in play should give you a hint of the deck type. Drains have become increasingly powerful over the past few weeks and are still running rampant in some areas. Answer to this “Long Lived” nightmare? Faded Reminders. Are they using Mistral to stack a long lived on top of their draw deck? Just remove it from the game! As soon as you flip one of these little puppies they will be shaking in their boots as they desperately find another way to score the phases in their deck.

Mimiru/Sanjuro/Puchi with the Snakey Grunty

Now this is again one of those decks which was running rampant. Losing multiple monsters to a single Dungeon Search is always very tiring. And the recycling engine with Shanato and Earthian Sword was just ruining your day. How do you deal with it? Just make your opponent forget about it as they cringe when they loose 2 Shanatos and 2 Dungeon Searches to a Faded Reminders. Their deck destruction ability has just run out.

Loss of Signal

Loss of Signal is another great utility card to play against any deck that tends to wall up. Far to often I have seen players struggling to score a single point against 10 strength PCs. How do you gain an upper hand in a situation like this? Loss of Signal can return any PC back to their hand with a simple destiny draw with only a simple draw back of spotting 2 hidden cards.

Game Over

I predict that this card will see a lot of play in our next meta. Why? Kite’s Bracelet Cheese. I have already considered it a cheese deck as it uses the basis of not allowing your opponent to score any monster as long as you have one PC in play and that PC is healed. With an easy way to heal PCs with blue, you may run into a single PC wall. How do you get around it? In this case, get over it. Game Over is one of those unique utility cards that adds another way of winning the game. It is what makes the Darkness deck such a fierce competitor to this very day. So why mention it as a Utility card and how does it defeat the Kite’s Bracelet Deck? Loss of Signal. The basic idea behind decks like the Kite’s Bracelet deck is to have one PC take the brunt of the attack constantly. If you can not score points against his Single PC, just get rid of it.


This card is possibly the most important card to splash into a deck. It is the only card that handles scored monster destruction. In any deck it will help your assets stick around and keep you closer to victory.

So the next time your deck is losing to the local cheese. Go home and recap what happened and look at your local utility cards and figure how to beat your local cheese!

Happy Holidays

Vinson Yuen

Vinson Yuen is a computer guru and international traveler. He enjoys .hack//ENEMY, WARS, LOTR, and being harassed by his local player base.

Last Updated: Saturday, December 25, 2004