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Well...from one particular field in the World, the field called q Sunny, Comical, Paradise aka Comic Con San Diego. I have decided to do a bit of “girl and grunty on the street interviewing” to give all the .hackers out there the chance to meet some of the other “PCs” they will find in their travels.

So, armed with my digital camera and with my faithful grunty, Babe, I venture out into the dungeons of Comic Con in search of other .hackers. I should be fine, though, as I have fed Babe his favorite “cheesy” good food, Gomoras. So, here I go on my adventure and maybe I will get to do some trading too ;-)

The exhibit hall at Comic Con is huge, so very much to see, but Babe is doing an excellent job making sure I get to the Decipher booth since he wants to see some Queens go into my decks. And of course, we have to check out the Bandai booth. Games, DVDs and more grunties here. I do hope these grunties can find some homes, too.

Now, on to the gaming. It is a good thing Babe is with me because the gaming is on the mezzanine and that is very hidden. The map in the convention guide is not very good (it shows the layout of the mezzanine but not how to actually get to it). Ah, the gaming rooms at last and there are definitely .hackers here. Babe seems very excited so there must be something special going on.

It looks like Babe made plans to meet some pals here without telling me. Here are Babe’s pals with their good friends Victor and Khoa.

Victor is a level 1 player from San Diego and playing in his first PSQ. His favorite PC is Black Rose but he really likes to play Wavemasters. He likes to 1) log in his Wavemaster and use Let Us Walk Together, 2) use Mistral to help win fights and 3) flip Golden Grunty to level up and play items.

Victor’s grunty has kept a close eye on him to make sure that he plays his combos right.

Babe has found me another nice .hacker, Michael

He is also a level 1 and is from Marina Valley, California. Since no one was running tourneys in his area, he has become a TD and is converting Yu-Gi Oh! players to .hackers. Michael is giving some deck building help to some of the players here.

This is Melody

She is a level 1 from San Diego. She just learned to play .hack//ENEMY here at the demo booth and has borrowed one of her friend Victor’s decks to play in the PSQ. Babe has decided to sit in with her to give her some luck (and eat any Gomoras that show up).

And Khoa has finally decided to talk to me. He is another local player and a level 2. This is his first PSQ and he is playing Blademasters and Heavy Blades with fish. He likes to store up his fish and attack with a whole school of them together.

Well, we have met some very nice hackers here and had a few games with them, too. I am sure Babe and I will want to come back again next year and see how they are doing and see who else we can meet in this field, q Sunny, Comical, Paradise, in the World. It seems a very good place for .hackers and grunties.

Natalie Jaran is avid player of .hack//ENEMY and the Lord of the Rings: TCG. Natalie is also a graphic designer by profession, an iconoclast by choice and a part time convention fairy in charge of coffee.

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