.hack//ENEMY Tournament Information! Promo Cards Revealed!

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.hack//ENEMY Tournament Information!

Starting today, October 15th, the world will experience Decipher’s newest TCG – .hack//ENEMY! One of the most exciting things about this new TCG is the tournament program. There are many new aspects to this program when compared to previous Decipher organized play programs.

The official tournament guide will be posted very shortly. For now, I'll give you some of the general tournament info. You’ll also want to scroll down to see the four tournament promo cards that have not yet been revealed!

Available formats: Constructed deck and Sealed deck. Booster Draft rules supplement will follow shortly (almost done developing).

Tournament Play –

Swiss Pairings – All players will play all rounds. Players are not eliminated. You will be paired against someone with a similar tournament performance.

Minimum number of players – Sanctioned tournament play requires eight players.

Minimum number of rounds – The minimum number of rounds for sanctioned tournament play is three.

Gameplay – All tournament play will be done in best two-out-of-three match play.

Timing of Matches – Matches (2 out of 3) will last for 50 minutes. When players are done with a game, they’ll immediately begin the next game (if necessary). When time is called, play continues until the end of the current turn. If the game has not come to a normal resolution, the player with more scored points wins the game. If both players have the same number of scored points, the game is scored as a draw.

Match Results and Scoring – The winner of the match is the player who has won more games. If both players have the same number of wins, the match is a Draw. Each player earns Victory Points as such:
o Win – 3 points
o Draw – 1 point
o Loss – 0 points

WNS Web News – A unique feature of the .hack//ENEMY TCG tournament program is the WNS Web News. Every month, a news alert will appear on dothackenemy.com in the WNS Web News section. This news alert will contain a global rule that will affect gameplay for all sanctioned .hack//ENEMY TCG tournaments. Tournament directors should check this section of the website every month so they are aware of the current rule. At the start of every tournament, the tournament director should announce the current rule so that all players are aware of it. The Decipher TCG studio and DGMA will develop these global rules to influence the tournament metagame and ‘shake things up’ a bit!

For example, the rule for October 31 – November 31 will be:

All Wavemasters are destiny +1.

Player Ratings – For the first time in Decipher’s history, one of their TCGs will not be using the ELO system for player ratings. We will be using a formula that has been specifically designed for .hack//ENEMY TCG and the Level Up! experience point system. All players will start off at zero experience points. As you participate in tournaments, your experience points will increase. The more games you play, the more games you win, the more points you’ll earn! You will never lose experience points. Every time you reach another increment of 1,000 experience points, you will Level Up! You will automatically be sent a package that contains 1 random foil Level Up card and 1 random foil tournament promo. Active tournament players should Level Up approximately once every month and a half. Some may go quicker, other slower depending on the number of games they win.

Prize Support – Prize support for .hack//ENEMY TCG tournaments is given out through the Level Up program (see Player Ratings above). There are not prizes for individual events at this time. There are several of the tournament promo cards that have not been revealed yet. Here they are:

When can we start? – First Tournament Weekend for .hack//ENEMY TCG will be on October 31 – November 2. This will be your first chance to play in sanctioned tournaments. In several days, tournaments.decipher.com will be ready for the posting of .hack//ENEMY TCG tournaments. Don't worry, you WILL have time to post your First Tournament Weekend tournaments.

Dan Bojanowski
Manager of Organized Play
Decipher, Inc.

Last Updated: Wednesday, October 15, 2003