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.hack//ENEMY TCG tournaments are sweeping across the nation. Players everywhere are experiencing the innovative gameplay and tournament action from Decipher's latest TCG. As players continue to participate in .hack//ENEMY tournaments, they will gain experience points. Whenever a player reaches an increment of 1,000 experience points, they will Level Up! and earn a prize kit that contains one Level Up! foil card and one random tournament foil card.

These Level Up! cards have a powerful impact on the game and are very desirable by many players. Not only do they influence who goes first in the game, but they also allow players to use the tournament promo cards during gameplay.

Since their inception, the DGMA has had a plan to control the use of these Level Up! cards. We want to maintain the integrity of the system so that the number of Level Up! cards a player uses is representative of their current tournament level. We want a Level 5 player to use up to five Level Up! cards, not ten or twenty. This is the tournament rule that will be going into the .hack//ENEMY TCG Tournament Guide in the next update:

Level Up! Cards - A player may not use more Level Up! cards than their current level. This should be verified using Tournament Tickets which are collected at the beginning of the tournament. A player that does not submit a Tournament Ticket will be treated as Level 1.

This tournament rule is effective immediately. A player's current tournament level is now displayed on the Tournament Ticket. Whenever a player reaches a new level, they should print out new tickets to reflect their new level.

Tournament directors might find it helpful to write each players current level on their score card at the beginning of the tournament. This will help the tournament director and the other players to verify the correct number of Level Up! cards has not been exceeded.

Dan Bojanowski
Manager of Organized Play, Decipher

Last Updated: Thursday, January 08, 2004