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26 Apr 2004

Eleven Hackers (Decipher employees, each representing one of the .hack//ENEMY PCs) are getting ready to hit the road on the second leg of the .hack//ENEMY TCG Level Up! Tour to retailers all over the U.S. and Canada. This is your chance to find out more about the game, learn to play, meet a Decipher employee – maybe even beat them in a bounty tournament! – and pick up the exclusive Kaochin promo card.

The major cities on each Hacker's tours are listed here; if there's a Schedule link, you'll find a detailed schedule of retail stops on that tour.

The second leg of the tour kicks off on Wednesday, March 31. We'll bring you a daily update on where in "The World" the Hackers are travelling (check the article section on the home page for the link – the URL will change every week or so), and the Hackers will be posting reports from the road whenever they get a chance on the special message board. Follow them on their travels, cheer them on, post your own reports, and join the fun!

Decipher Hacker February Tours April-May Tours
Dan Bojanowski
(aka Balmung)
February 9 - 15
Tucson AZ
Phoenix AZ
Flagstaff AZ
Albuquerque NM
El Paso TX
April 26 - May 2 (Schedule)
Toronto ON
Ottawa ON
Montreal QC
Ed Gartin
(aka Orca)
April 14 - 18 (Schedule)
Seattle WA
Vancouver BC
Portland OR
Eugene OR
Mike Girard
(aka Alpha Ichigoro)
April 23-27
Cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances
Kyle Heuer
(aka Ginkan)
February 1 - 8
New Orleans LA
Mobile AL
Birmingham AL
Nashville TN
April 12 - 18 (Schedule)
Buffalo NY
Rochester NY
Albany NY
Newark NJ
New York NY
Long Island NY
Chuck Kallenbach
(aka Wiseman)
February 3 - 8
Washington DC
Baltimore MD
Philadelphia PA
Harrisburg PA
Dover DE
April 15-19 (Schedule) Hartford CT
Providence RI
Boston MA
Waltham MA
Concord NH
Portland ME
Andy Lupp
(aka Piros)
February 3 - 9
Oklahoma City OK
Tulsa OK
Little Rock AR
Memphis TN
April 1 - 10 (Schedule)
St. Louis MO
Springfield MO
Chicago IL
Madison WI
Milwaukee WI
Trevor McGregor
(aka Kite)
February 2 - 8
San Antonio TX
Austin TX
Dallas/Ft. Worth TX
Houston TX
April 28-May 2 (Schedule)
Salt Lake City UT
Pocatello ID
Boise ID
Kevin Reitzel
(aka Moonstone)
February 12 - 19
Jacksonville FL
Orlando FL
Tampa FL
Miami FL
April 15-21 (Schedule)
Detroit MI
Lansing MI
Grand Rapids MI
Fort Wayne IN
Indianapolis IN
Toledo OH
Mike Reynolds
(aka Sanjuro)
February 11 - 17
Sacramento CA
San Francisco CA
San Jose CA
Fresno CA
April 2 - 6 (Schedule)
Pueblo CO
Colorado Springs CO
Denver CO
Boulder CO
Cheyenne WY
Geoff Snider
(aka Yuji)
April 19 - 25 (Schedule)
Minneapolis/St. Paul MN
Des Moines IA
Ames IA
Omaha NE
Kansas City MO
Kansas City KS
Mark Tuttle
(aka Crest)
February 4 - 9
Greenville SC
Savannah GA
Atlanta GA
Chattanooga TN
Knoxville TN
March 31 - April 6 (Schedule)
Lexington KY
Louisville KY
Cincinnati OH
Columbus OH
Cleveland OH
Pittsburgh PA
Tim Ellington
(aka Tim)
Feb 15 - 21 (Schedule)
Virginia Beach VA
Richmond VA
Raleigh NC
Durham NC
Charlotte NC
Scott Gaeta
(aka Benkei)
February 1, 23 - 29 (Schedule)
Los Angeles CA
Santa Barbara CA
San Diego CA
Las Vegas NV