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.hack//ENEMY Contagion First Tournament Weekend!

On the weekend of October 31 – November 2, Decipher will be organizing special tournaments all across North America. This will be the first opportunity for players to participate in sanctioned .hack//ENEMY TCG tournaments. The official release date for the Cotagion set is October 15th, 2003. This gives players about two weeks to build and modify their decks into tournament-winning machines! In celebration, we’ll be giving away two promo foil cards to every participant in these events! Every player will receive one random Level Up! card and one Goil Menhir monster card. Goil Menhir is exclusively available at these First Tournament Weekend events! Level Up! cards will only be available through the tournament program. In addition, the winner of these tournaments will receive a .hack//ENEMY TCG t-shirt.

These constructed deck tournaments are your first chance to earn experience points that will start you on your way towards leveling up! The more you participate, the quicker you’ll Level Up! and earn even more promo cards.

These events will be given (at no charge!) to retailers that are supporting .hack//ENEMY TCG at the product launch. Interested retailers will need to apply to submit an application to the DGMA on or before October 1st, 2003. Click here for an application.

Stay tuned for more information about the .hack//ENEMY TCG tournament program here on DGMA.com. We still have a bunch of tournament promo cards to reveal!

Dan Bojanowski
Director of the DGMA

Application: .hack//ENEMY First Tournament Weekend

Last Updated: Thursday, September 25, 2003